Sunday, March 13, 2005

David Boreanaz is hot.

So, I'm sitting here filling out my FAFSA for grad school, pending my acceptance. Of course, with my GRE scores, I'll be attending school at Palookaville Community College. I'm also tweaking my resume and references list, and watching Gran's DVD of Angel. I forgot that David Boreanaz is HOT. Definately a mood lifter. Anyways, I actually left the apartment Friday night! I went to the new Italian place in Acworth with Kelly and hung out with Gonadz at Los Reyes and played catch-up. Last night we celebrated Kelly's mom's new job at the French place in Downtown Roswell. I was invited to go to East Andrews and Compound, but seeing as how I had been up since 6AM I really didn't feel like staying out until 3. That, and it probably would have been split off into couples and I would have been the only single one there in a group. I know that technically I'm not single, but I really wasn't in the mood to remind myself that my boyfriend's a schlub who has apparently lost interest. Damn me and my second head. Granted, yeah, there might have been the chance that someone would have been single and I could have met someone really nice, but that would have complicated the situtation with someone. That, and I probably would have been in a bad mood because of the test and I would have scared everyone off like I always do. I really REALLY want to get used to being by myself, and I think that I'm doing a fairly good job of it. It's just times like last night that reality smacks me in the face, and it blows.


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