Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Haven't posted since June...

And does that mean that I've been busily doing stuff since then? Um, no. Actually it just means that I forgot I had this site. After 5 years of writing in a paper journal, it's almost full (impressive since it contains about 100 blank pages - I dwell internally on my thoughts, not on paper) so I figure I can transfer stuff here. I type faster than I write, and at least here I won't have to squint to read what the heck I just wrote. That, and it's also easier to see stuff than on that stupid AIM Buddyprofile. Now, guidelines for what I post. NOTHING will be directed at an individual unless it's positive. If something's bothering me about a person, I'll either do what I usually do (keep my yap shut and sit on it) or else I'll write about it in my paper journal. I don't want to act like a middleschooler here and stir up shit with all of my friends. I take up billions of badly spelled notes a day here at work, so I don't need to deal with drama in my day to day life. I'm 23 for God's sake. That's what's commonly known in outside circles as "mature." So, basically, I don't want to deal with BS. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering why I don't Xanga... a) it's too cliche and hip for my lame butt and b) Cobb County Schools has the site blocked. This'll give me something to do while I whittle my time away at work (or at least until I'm forced to change rooms... then I don't know what I'll do about a computer). I'll post some more crap later.


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