Thursday, March 10, 2005

I hate Stevie Nicks.

Sorry - I'm bored and chillin' out at home, so I popped in my copy of The Dance. She has absolutely no talent whatsoever except for spinning around in a circle and wearing a doily. She's that aunt no one wants to admit that's in their family... but that EVERYONE freaking has. Also, this reminds me how much it sucks that Christine McVie isn't in Fleetwood Mac any more.

Anyways, thinking about something... is it bad when your boyfriend is more focused on knife sales than on you? And, if so, how exactly do you approach this discussion? And... does anyone know anywhere that I can find a TV stand? I can't find one anywhere, so the TV might have to go up on the computer desk. Heck - it'd actually fit and look pretty good. Maybe I can do that and get Pop to come over tomorrow to hook up the speakers. ooohhhhh...


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