Sunday, March 27, 2005

I wanna be cut a damned break.

Somehow or another my cellphone bill this month is around $335. Ok, we only went over by 14 minutes (to the best of my knowledge), and there is NO WAY that we could have sent and rec'd. over 600 tm (especially when they're .05 each). This BETTER be a mistake on T-Mobile's part. That, and my rent's going up $30 a month, insurance probably $20, and I have debt out my ass. Pleh. My own fault, I know, but geeze louise. I need to get a higher paying job... or else seriously consider donating ovum. I don't mind the thought of kids I don't know... I didn't have to birth them, nor do I have to deal with them and pass my screwed up issues onto someone else. And at $6K an egg, well... hell. It's not like I'm gonna use them anyways.


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