Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nice weather we're having, huh?

Yeah, the sirens went off at my apartment - apparently a really bad storm in Smyrna is cause for Kennesaw to fruit up. Figures. Easter dinner wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, actually. Salmon patties are nummy! I'm just in a snitty mood, I guess. I was thinking about something someone said to me after I told them that Pop talked to his eldest son, Gabe. She was just joking, but she was like "Yeah, not alone there with him, are you?" or something to that effect. It got me thinking... I'm not. Pop's got 3 kids of his own with a psychopath who hasn't let him anywhere near them in like 18 years, and his eldest's just gotten married. Those are his biological kids, and no matter what he does for me, I know that they'll always come first. And then we have Dad, who apparently has forgotten that I breathe, and I'll never come first with him... and Grampa is gone, so in all actuality I really don't have a solid, I come first, guy in my life. And people wonder why I have commitment problems. Then Gran gets me a TON of groceries, Bobba pays for my renter's insurance... all things I can do on my own, but they did them for me, and I feel REALLY guilty. I know I need to let someone spoil me once in a while (Kelly said I deserve it) but I don't FEEL like I deserve it. I mean, why would I? Why do I deserve a cookie? I'm so used to not getting them that when I do get one I don't know what to do with it. *sigh*


Gonadz said...

Awww, but Johnny Camp is technically your big brother... so you could be like me and scott and have the perfect relationship with a male. I finally realized that's what I have.

Laura said...

Good point... I forgot about Johnny! See, now, guy friends are much better than boyfriends... really, no upkeep involved, and they have more common sense than 99.9 percent of women, two of us excluded, of course. :^D

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