Friday, March 11, 2005

One other thing.

I think I shall treat myself to the Spongebob Movie this evening. A nice, quiet evening with me and a sponge. I'm in the mood to treat myself to something small, and since no one else'll do it, hell, *I* might as well. No one's going to take care of me but me, you know - despite the fact that sometimes I feel like I take care of everyone else. There's a few folks who support me and pat me on the head - I appreciate everything that they do, and I couldn't function without them. But I know how needy my depression makes me, and how unfair it is for me to depend upon them 24-7 when they have their own, much more important, concerns to take care of in their lives. They need to make themselves happy... because God knows it's a wasted effort on me. Maybe later on this week I'll get my clarinet refurbished. I miss playing music - sometimes that makes me feel better. Oh well. Off to staff meetings all day. Thank God I can leave for an hr and a half to grab lunch w/Kelly.


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