Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stupid Wachovia.

Ok, really stupid me because I couldn't wait ONE DAY to deposit a check, and it managed to clear in the MIDDLE of the day (which is weird... I thought it was at the end, but whatever). Since this one check had to clear FIRST it screwed up the other 2 things that were going through. If the other stuff would have gone through first, I would have only had $30 worth of overdraft fees. So, I'm gonna call them and see what they can do, since this has happened only once before in like 6 years of business with them. I'd like to have that $60 back for food, contacts, and my application fee to KSU's grad school program, which is of course around $30. POOP. Oh, yeah, and traffic was evil this AM, just horrid. I want to be at home asleep, doing housework that I need to do, and stuff like that, because I actually DO have things to do tonight. *sigh* Oh well.

Never mind. They were cool and refunded me the $90, and taught me an important lesson. DON'T try to pay stuff in advance and pray it goes through. *duh* Maybe I really *am* on a roll here... 3 good days in a row. *creepy* Something's GOTTA happen here in a few... like me getting ill over spring break or something.


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