Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Today's horoscope (from

Your emotions may be a bit out of control, yet you are so good at hiding them that no one else will know. They may, however, feel less comfortable around you than usual, for the dissonance between your outer actions and your heart will still come through. Your warmth and your optimism are real, but they cannot just override your moods. Sharing your uncertainty will pave a new road for intimacy and compassion.

I love it when my horoscopes reinforce my funks. I already know I'm a depressive, repressed twit. Let's have the horoscope tell me that again! I have stuff going on I'm concerned about... finances, depressive family members... not being able to find a TV stand I like... and I really hate talking about it with people b/c sometimes doing so makes the mood worse. Sometimes it helps, but that's not a sure-fire thing. So thank you, horoscope, for making it ok for me to be a depressive! *clap clap*


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