Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day

While you're out there drinking and getting stopped at traffic blocks, take a moment to realize what this holiday's all about, will you? Millions have died defending our nation from threats (And, ok, in Vietnam, where we REALLY defended the French interests, but whatever). This isn't a holiday about how much beer you can drink and how stupid you can act on a jet ski. Stop, and remember the men and women who gave their lives for our nation. "All gave some, but some gave all."

Now, on a "lighter note," which I use that term REALLY loosely, I tried on bathing suits yesterday. I found one I liked (and one today I liked too), and leopard print and maternity suits aside (thank you, Kelly) I came to a conclusion - I am officially big as a tank. So, no snacky for me - not that I have any snack food anyways or that I do it... I refuse to eat b/c I'm bored. And, and this is the big one, I have decided to cut back my alcohol consumption. Beer=fat. Beer also = good, but I digress. Pop gave me a bunch of his old workout pants and shorts, which added to the humiliation (his giving me 2 little radios to listen to while I work out did not, however). What really capped it off was his giving me 2 pair of jeans. Nice jeans, fit me well, can't tell they're guy pants, and $50 a pair. STILL POP'S. I'm trying to explain this to myself b/c he does actually have a fairly thin waist, it's his tummy, which is above his waist, that's the problem. That, and as he said, the jeans are low rise. Why he bought low rise jeans is beyond me. Anyways, I went and walked on the treadmill for a half hr last night, and another half hr this AM, and if I'm not doing anything this evening (which I probably won't be - that would require a social life of sorts) I'll walk again. I need to look a little better for FL. I have until the 9th to lose probably 6 lbs. to make me look a little better. I can do it.


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