Friday, May 13, 2005

I am so smart... I am so smart!

S-M-R-T! I mean... anyways, that was for you Simpsons fans out there. I got into grad school at KSU. Wow. I mean, how DIFFICULT. I was just concerned that I'd have to do it next summer, not this one, because I applied late. I'm not gonna lie - I'm thrilled. I want to have my PhD by the time I'm 30, sooo... this is good. I'm kinda on-track. I can be an obnoxious education prof and not teach anything! Yay! Or... I could be the only prof at KSU with a high-school background. Wow. What a novel concept. I'm excited about going back to school. I feel almost intelligent. Something went right in a CRAPPY WEEK (if you want to know, call me, b/c I post here at work too and I don't want people getting the 411, ya dig?). But... and this is what I feel bad about... Bobba's opening me up a $10,000 CHECKING ACCOUNT. For GRAD SCHOOL. She and Mom just got into a huge fight, I don't know what to do with her, and now she's giving me $10,000 that I DO NOT DESERVE. If I weren't in CC debt, I could do all this myself. And I applied for loans. I had NO INTENTION of anyone helping me. At all. *sniffle* I'm really not worth this... I feel REALLY GUILTY. And, to top it off, I burned rice.


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