Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Interesting site.

I found a page called "Squashed Philosophers." Basically, it's the greatest philosophers in the world (and Hitler... who I *guess* was technically one in a roundabout way) condensed for easy understanding. Coming from someone who has read Plato and Thomas More in high school, I almost found this offensive... but kinda cool. Here's what Cicero had to say in his "On Friendship and Old Age:"

Friendship transcends everything else; it throws a brilliant gleam of hope over the future and banishes despondency. Friendship is not of self-advantage, which is recognised even by the animals. Let this be the rule of friendship- never to make disgraceful requests, and never to grant them. Some say 1: we ought to feel towards our friend exactly as we feel towards ourselves. That would never do; for we do things for our friends that we never do for ourselves. 2: kindness to a friend should be in proportion to his kindness to us. This is a miserable theory; friendship is generous. 3: that we should act upon our friend's estimate of themselves. This is the worst principle of the three. In the friendship of upright men, there ought to be an unrestricted communication.

I dig this. I mean, think about it - you are supposed to view your friends as your betters. Yes, you can find fault with their actions, but not really with them - they are who you trust. They're the ones who will place you above themselves as you've done for them. And yes, I do stuff for my friends that I'd never do for myself. I put myself in positions that I never would have found myself in if not for them. I'd go to the ends of the earth and back for them - that, and my fat arse needs the exercise. And I DO show more kindness to people regardless of how they act towards me. Someone could treat me like total crap (and have), and I really really want to be there for them regardless of that... not to prove that I'm a better person, but because I recognize the fact that despite what they have done to me, that they're still worth the respect that I would like given to myself. Convoluted, yes, but I like to give back to people what I have always liked to have had from them. I'm weird, I know. Run me over with a steamroller, but I *will* be there for you regardless. People get mad at me for being like this, and maybe to a degree I'm like that because I have the self esteem of the gnat that keeps buzzing past my monitor... but as long as I can do something to make the people around me happy, which isn't ever really gonna happen to myself anyways, I have made my mark on the world. And I am content.


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