Friday, May 27, 2005

Off the chest.

Well, first off, Sideways came in the mail today, so I'm watching that right now. YAY! So glad. And, of course, I'm drinking wine with it. It's a shiraz, not a pinot, but... and actually it's not very good, but I'm not going to buy more than a $10 bottle of wine for just myself. If I were sharing it with Kelly, well, it'd probably be closer to a $20 bottle, but I'll do. Oh, and I justified my laptop as a school-related purchase, so I paid off that credit card. My laptop is mine! Good. I will have exactly just enough money to cover books and school and everything else. And, I got to have a lunch/wine date with Kelly today, and I got to talk to her about the stuff that's been bothering me so much that I've been incessently posting about here. I feel slightly better and stuff - not AS neglected. A lot of interesting things came up in conversation. I still feel the same about things in general, but I do feel a little lighter.


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