Saturday, May 21, 2005

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Whatever.

Wow... another Saturday night here. In the apartment. With beer. Mmm... beer. Anyways, I'm watching Blade II - I mooched the trilogy from Pop - and chilling. And enjoying myself. I was thinking... as much as I fuss about spending time by myself and stuff, something Jen said made me realize that it's not half-bad. Dro's out of town all the time, and Steph gets bored... she said something like how she can just entertain herself with a book and be ok, but not Steph. I'm the same way. Give me a book or a movie and I'm cool. I get annoyed being around other people all the time... I think that I would rather be solo than be with someone. I would much rather support myself than have to worry about everyone else. I've done that for too damned long. I always take care of everyone but me, you know? Oh well... I can deal with occasional bouts of lonliness... and wondering what happened to all the friends I had while I was in the sorority - oh, wait. I already know what happened to that one. I graduated and wasn't president anymore, so people couldn't get what they wanted from me. Pleh. No more taking care of everyone. This is my game now, and if I have to play solitaire, that's fine. I'm not gonna lower myself to deal with people who just pretend to like me.


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