Sunday, May 29, 2005

That stupid crane dude.

Yeah, took me a while to post my POV on this one - sorry to disappoint my many readers (read: Gonadz once a month). Seriously. The guy's wanted for murder in Florida, comes to BUCKHEAD - which is where all of the nutjobs flock anyways - and climbs up on a crane. He doesn't come down for almost three days. Two and a half days on top of a crane, shutting down one of Atlanta's busiest districts. What do the expertly trained Atlanta PD do? Give him a jacket and stare at him. Oh, WOW. Yeah, newsflash: if he doesn't climb up there and then jump, then he's NOT GOING TO. He sits there costing the city and its businesses thousands of dollars (probably closer to millions) and no one does anything. If I were a business owner with a rifle I would have sharpshot (is that a word? Is now) his ass off of there. *ping* "Ok, Cheesecake Factory's good to go again." Save the state of Georgia the cost in prosecuting him for crap, and save the state of Florida 50 years of supporting his criminal ass. Noooo, noooo, that would be inhumane and practical. Let's just give him a glass of water and taser him down. Yeah, and while you're at it, lay out the world's biggest pillow to catch him if he falls. Dumbass.


Gonadz said...

Amen... take him out! No sympathy for murderers holding up consumerism!! Bastard...

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