Friday, June 03, 2005

Even MORE Horoscope Wackiness!

Geeze... they've been on a roll recently - and it's usually only the negative ones that come true! Oh, wait... this one can be construed as negative. Except for that "philosopher of love" business. So, what should I do, give everyone a flower? And distract myself with a good party - that would involve one being around that I care to go to - YAY for Gonadz's 21st! About damned time! At least people are getting more receptive to listening me bitch - though occasionally their listening is punctuated with "get on some MEDS."

This is not an easy time for you Archers, for you can usually distract yourself with a good party. But something is very different now. These days, you are more inclined to sit around and talk about the meaning of your feelings than telling a joke. Being emotionally vulnerable is so very out of character for you. Explore this new aspect of you as a philosopher of love.


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