Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I am all packed up and ready to go! THANK GOD. Cooler is ready, more beach stuff has been bought well against my will (I'm content with a towel and for some reason I now have 4, plus a beach mat thingie with a chair back so I can read), and I bought myself an iPod shuffle and adaptor for the ride down there and back. God, that thing is awesome. Soooo tiny... soooo much music... best design thingie in the WORLD. I like the regular iPods, but it takes a while to get used to the dial on it - I'm amazed that it took Pop as short of time to figure it out as it did. But man, this thing's cool. If I get used to the iBooks we're getting at work (GOD WILLING), then when my laptop explodes I might upgrade to one. Dare I say it - I might become a Mac geek. I'm OCD anyways, so really it would make sense for me to have one anyways, you know?


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