Saturday, June 25, 2005

I love grad school.

It is just... wow. I'm overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work we have to do, but classes are so great - I feel all productive and stuff! I participate in class discussions, I understand what we're talking about, and I am around other adults who have functioning brains, which is the coolest part of it all. Working where I work, sometimes I feel like I don't utilize my education at all - and now I feel like I actually got a degree for a reason. The downside is, once I'm done with school then I'll start questioning why I got the grad degree... but hopefully by that time I can use my advanced degree to get a better job at a different school. Or, I can just keep working where I do and then get my specialist degree - God, I'm going to be the most overqualified teacher in the history of that school. Great.

On a lighter note, does anyone out there know how to lose weight w/o giving up beer? Suggestions are welcome. I walk a mile and a half every day, and all that seems to have gotten me are even BIGGER leg muscles than I already have, so I can look like a freak at the pool. Hot legs don't mix with pudge around the middle. I'm not sure if I've lost weight or not, but I'm getting to the point where drinking that sludge called slim fast isn't a bad idea. I can't afford to spend $5 a day on low-carb smoothies with fat burner boosters at the university. Hell, I can't afford to eat the regular food there - GOD, prices have gone up.


Gonadz said...

That whole situps thing helps too, lol. And at least your legs will be rock solid.. always better than cottage cheese

Laura said...

Hm... yes... sit-ups are nice. I wish we had a better weight mach. in the gym or a stomach crunch thingie or something... but thank you for not mentioning that I need to give up beer. :-P

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