Monday, June 27, 2005

No go on the cats.

I was rejected by the animal group I tried to adopt 2 kittens from, b/c I believe in declawing. Yeah, I believe in letting my leather furnature survive. We've never had a problem getting any of our cats declawed. Whatever. I think I'll wait a while until I pay off some bills and then go to County Services and get a kitten from there. The cats at Petsmart are in foster programs anyways, but the poor things in the shelter get put to sleep if no one adopts them, and I don't want that to happen. Oh, God, I'm going to come home with 10 of them. I really don't need a pet, though. Kelly tried to peer pressure me into a kitten because she thinks I need unconditional love and companionship, and someone to talk to who can claw me when I'm being stupid. Not like she doesn't already do the clawing anyways... I'd love to have a pet, but I can't afford one right now. Yet another thing I could do to make myself happier and I'm too cheap to do it. Like get that iPod Mini. I took back my Shuffle b/c it was being obnoxious and not working... well, ok, my computer only recognized it as a flash drive, but I digress.


Gonadz said...

oh boo... not a cat!! Now I'll have to take claritin before I come over. Can't you get a hamster or a fish? Hamsters are cuddley... sorta. :laughing: And you don't have to give them constant attention. Or a really annoyingly small dog... lol I hear you can train them to use a litter box too. They *think* they're cats.

Laura said...

Oh, yeah! I forgot you're allergic too! Damn you people and your cat allergies. I REALLY want a Cornish Rex like Aggie - she's hypoallergenic, so she's cool. :^P

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