Friday, June 03, 2005

Poor kid.

Imagine living up to this. "Have you forgotten CHRIST was in your ultrasound, you little heathen? Stop being such a little brat..." Ugh - the pressures of this one's gonna be unbearable for this kid. And I thouhgt preachers' kids had issues.

Speaking of Biblical (or Talmud-ic) things, troops in Israel are making good use of that whole "Eye for an Eye" thing. Good for them. Maybe once those terrorists realize they can't push the Jews around they'll stop calling them Zionist pigs and BACK OFF. Yeah, huh. Who was around first? 4 millinea versus like 1. Wow. Who's been mankind's whipping child because of that darn pesky title of "God' chosen people?" JEWS. That whole Islamic "religion of peace" (excuse me as I laugh my butt off) needs to reconsider where they're coming from before Israel blows those piddly suicide bombers off the map.

And in the "this moron deserved it" catagory, someone's suing b/c a TOILET BLEW UP while he was sitting on it. After he lit a cigarette. How long was he planning on sitting on it, anyways?


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