Friday, June 17, 2005


My motherboard's fried. Again. So, my laptop's in ICU until Wednesday, when the top cover will be thicker and it won't overheat again. The guy at Richard's Computer said that Toshiba had LOTS of peeved customers about the model computer that I have - I wish that I just would have bought the freaking widescreen HP... I need to stop being a tightwad. This comes at a perfect time, too, b/c I have TONS of stuff I need to do for Grad School (which is going well, btw - I'm already having panic attacks! WOO!), bills to pay, and everything else in the free world to worry about. Thank GOD for the KSU labs. Oh well. Tonight's Gonadz's b-day party - I'm looking forward to that, and HERB called me. I hung up on him b/c I was working on my assignments and I cannot be interrupted. Which explains the fact that I'm working on my blog right now. Oh well.


Gonadz said... check this out... the dude in the camper and the kid getting run over are my favorites...

Laura said...

I LOVED the kid getting whacked! And sorry, but the Wendy's training video was awesome.

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