Monday, June 06, 2005

Uplifting Quote of the Day.

This was on the main page of MyMSN today - sums up basically how I feel about life in general:

"Of all the myriad created things, man is but one. And of all those who inhabit the individual man is but one. Is not he, as compared with all creation, but as the tip of a hair upon a horse's skin?"


Basically, it is selfish of us to assume that our massive issues, our major problems, or even our biggest accomplishments matter in the scheme of the world. My getting my masters degree won't change the course of humanity - while it's a minor triumph for myself, in the grand scheme of things, it just won't matter. Will it affect millions of people? No. The only person it will affect is myself. Is this any reason not to do stuff that could benefit yourself or that you enjoy? Only if you're a depressive dipwad like myself. This is kinda why I tend not to do things for me. I have issues going to the store and caving in to buy that can of albacore instead of the 44 cent can of generic tuna... I've wanted to go to Homegoods to buy a plant stand and a new picture for my bedroom for like 2 weeks, and I can't justify it - I'm thinking "Hey, do that when I come back from vacation." Well, if I spend the money now or spend it later, what does it matter as long as it's spent? Ditto with me going to the store, which I'm again trying to justify for myself. Sometimes I over-think, and lots of times I undervalue what would make me happy. What do I enjoy in the world the most? Good music and good books. How do I get them? I mooch from Mom with the books, and Pop makes me copies of the 3 Three Doors Down CDs. I can't remember the last CD I bought - I think it was the new Collective Soul album in November. Book I bought? Um... Bridget Jones' Diary, back in... uhh... October? I don't think it's my debts that bother me - it's the fact that very little of that money was spent on myself, and the stuff that was I'm wearing around my waist. *phooey*


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