Monday, June 06, 2005


Why does organized religion have to get involved in EVERYTHING? The pope issued a statement today condemning gay marriages as "anarchy." Of course, he pointed to that usual "destroys the sanctity of marriage" BS, as well as saying that it threatened the future of the family. He also pulled the usual contraception bad thing, as well as saying divorce is bad for the family. Ok. Duh. Divorce is bad for the family as a unit, yes, but in the long run it's usually much better than constantly having children be exposed to parents who hate each other. Wow, yeah, because THAT's a warm thing to be around all of the time. Adds a lot to the kids' sense of self-worth. Contraception being bad for the family? How - because it prevents children who are "oopsie babies," the ones that happen at age 45 and then you have to figure out a way to raise them and put them through school, which causes strain on what you're trying to do for your other kids? How HORRIBLE. And that idiotic debate about gay marriage as saying it destroys straight ones - yeah. Mom SO blames 2 gay guys for the fact that Dad messed around on her. All their fault. I seriously think not. If 2 people love and care enough about each other to want to spend their lives together, and get their rightful benefits, then FINE. It doesn't phase me at all - I don't want to say that someone doesn't have the right to be happy (or miserable, depending on your POV on marriage). I would think conservatives would be happy - oh, wait... it kind of destroys their stereotype of the promiscuous gay man. Quite frankly, I've always believed that straight people have ruined that sacred institution a looooooooooong time ago.


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