Sunday, July 03, 2005

Almost there.

Well, I'm almost done with the pet sitting... and actually done with the economics for the weekend. Amazing! Now all I have left to do is find 2 on-line only journal articles for my portfolio... and start thinking about the community involvement project for SSED. That should be interesting, since I really have no involvement in the community, since I don't teach at a traditional school - no football games to go to, no student government to sponsor. *sigh* That'll be tough. But, Pop gave me a window of between 4:30-6 for them to be home... and apparently we're cooking out tomorrow for the 4th. I'm, quite frankly, amazed. I've felt like poop though the past couple of days since I'm not used to sleeping on their bed... and I think that the St. John's Wort is giving me some stomach issues. Figures - almost in a better mood, but I feel like arse. Wow. And, just a mental note, someone PLEASE tell me to stop thinking so much about things? Thanks. Because thinking of the shortcomings of others, for me at least, makes me feel even smaller than I already did before.


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