Friday, July 01, 2005

Awesome movie.

I'm sitting here in Mom's bedroom watching The Hours... and Nicole Kidman's character said something that I liked. In response to her sister not asking her to a party and mumbling some excuse as to why not, Virginia Woolf says "Even crazy people like to be asked." I like that. I LOVED the book The Hours, and the movie is no disappointment. Glad to see I get to watch it 3 years after the people I wanted to watch it with did... and I think that I'm more warranted to watch it.

And after I got done watching it... wow. What an extraordinary film. I guess my appreciation stems from the book... or from the characters (who all go through these amazing life issues that I can't really understand but can relate to... human nature's so funny)... but I am so glad that I now own a movie that can really emotionally shake me like this. It was just so... seriously, words can't describe how I feel about this film.

And, just thinking... the whole time I watched this, Meg was on the bed asleep and dreaming (about chasing Aggie, I guess) and the cat kept staring at me and then somehow or another got me to turn on the water. You know, they depend on me. I guess they do because they have no thumbs. Knowing why they depend on me aside, I've realized why they love me. Not because how I look, or really what my personality is, but they love me because I love them. I like having someone look at me like I'm the greatest thing in the world. So what if she's a fuzzy four legged puppy? She loves me, and that's cool. And, I know, in her odd way, the cat loves me too. In between plans to take over the world and blow up the house, that is. It is always disconcerting to have a cat who is a card carrying member of the Manhattan Project.


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