Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hi Mom!

Ha ha ha... just a little joke. Anyways, why can't they make a TV antenna that can get a signal in my apartment? I bought a little $12 one... not surprised when it didn't work. What shocked me was the fact that the $56 one that I bought only did marginally better - I got the added perk of PBS along with TBS and the black gospel channel. Yeah, useful - what good is an antenna if I can't get FOX so I can watch The Simpsons? Evil antenna. You know, you would think that they would just build them into the TVs now. Or else make cable TV less than $50 a month. I don't even WATCH TV. All I wanted is the local stations so I can see school closings, or the next Atlanta retard that climbs a crane, or the coming apocalypse. To Cobb County, the first and last things are the same.


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