Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How much do I not want to do my lit review?

Oh, let me count the ways... I've procrastinated. Went to lunch, bought a new shower head, read the news and favorite blogs, took a 3 hour nap (real smart - I know), made dinner, watched Secret Window, read the news (again), stared at my mound of studies for the review, called Mom, went to Starbucks for coffee with said mother (even smarter than the 3 hr nap - coffee! Brilliant - I'll be in bed by 2), and after mooching a USB cable from Mom I am now happily printing the last articles for my lit review. I'll scan and highlight them during class, or something. This stupid review is the LAST THING I HAVE TO DO, and I can't just wrap my head around it. My mind has officially shut off... can't wait for the econ final. Yay.

Oh, and how much does AmEx suck? Mystery hold is still on my account. A $200 mystery hold. I would like it taken off, please, so I can eat.


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