Saturday, July 02, 2005

I can think of so many inappropriate things to say.

Apparently Hitler ordered inflatable sex dolls for his SS men - or at least tried to until Dresden was bombed. Oh, and yes, I am still stalling on my homework. I did the econ and then got an e-mail saying that we don't have to present until next Tuesday b/c we're going to be off of on Tuesday instead of Thursday. Huh. Bad thing is now we have our final on Thursday, and the whole weekend to work on it. And I had plans for this weekend - ACTUAL TANGABLE PLANS, DAMMIT. Go to Phipps to see a movie with 1 on Thursday, go see my friend Nick in concert at P'Tree Tavern Friday, and then go see Janet's new house Saturday. Dammit... I have a bad feeling most of that time will be spent on a midterm.

Oh, and as promised, the Teddy Roosevelt Cartoon:

Teddy's got a big stick.


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