Thursday, July 07, 2005

My God.

Sorry... in shock... damned terrorists have attacked London, a city I absolutely adore. If there were anywhere in the world I could live, it would be there, and it still is. It's so safe that the police don't carry guns... granted, yes, there are no public trash cans because of paranoia thanks to the IRA, but it's just such a safe, nice, warm city with such pleasant people. And these stupid Islamo-facist bastards go and kill almost 100 people (probably well more than that). The accounts on CNN made me sick to my stomach... what happened, what people saw... and all in a city that was just awarded the 2012 Olympics. They were awarded them for a reason - because they're such a great city. My heart goes out to Londoners, really... and I'm sorry, but we need to take care of these bastards who did this. Right now, and I know this is REALLY bad for me to say, but all of the Mid-East except for Israel could disappear from the map and I would be THRILLED. It's these people who are responsible for terrorising the rest of the world... no one sees a Cuban terrorist, do you? Or a Mexican? Or a Guatamalan? Noooooo... they almost entirely center from the Middle East and Micronesia/Polynesia/Indonesia. *sigh* I really don't know what to say.


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