Friday, July 01, 2005

Over at Mom & Pop's.

So, Aggie's been chasing air for the past 20 minutes (or maybe a bug - heck if I know), Meg's asleep with her tennis ball, and I am trying to focus on reading economics. But darn it all to heck if I just can't bring myself to care, and this computer sitting here... and all of the blogs out there... like so far I've learned that Brian Williams is an idiot from lgf. You have to read that article... amazing what pablum comes out of the mouths of main stream media morons. Oh, and my favorite Supreme retired - ta, Justice O'Connor. So much for the moderate. I sincerely hope that Bush doesn't appoint some hard-core right winger to the Court. We need justices with some sort of rational thought - for the most part, the ones we have are ok, but can't say I'm not paranoid.

And I've been thinking more on the war in Iraq and why it annoys me. You know, it's not because we shouldn't have gone over there and nailed Saddam (we should have - he deserved to be taken out, evil bastard) and it's not because of faulty intelligence (it happens, and they had the ability to make the weapons, I'm sorry). It's because

a) no matter how much I agree with the fact that Saddam needed to go, this war raises questions on national soverignty for me - so, if we disagree with a what a ruler is doing, can we play at diplomacy and then just go in and take him out? Not a bad idea with Kim Jong Il (Has anyone seen Team America?), but ok, so Chirac annoys us. We play around, and then whammo - there goes the Louvre.

b) it's nationbuilding, which Bush specifically said he disagreed with during one of the presidential debates with Gore. I HATE NATIONBUILDING. And I really hate the fact that the US feels the need to be the world's policeman. Thank you Teddy Roosevelt for that. If I can find that editorial cartoon of him dressed up like a cop with the big stick billyclub, I'll post it. Republican or Democrat in office, if you try to police others before policing ourselves, I will get ticked. FYI.

And yes, this was a diversion from econ. As is finding the pic of TR. What? I have a 4 day weekend to read this tripe. Come on and cut me some slack.


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