Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Remind me...

To go to the leasing office and demand that someone re-drywall around my windows in the apt, and re-seal my door AGAIN. Since the windows leak, it's humid in here, raises my AC bill, and bugs wander on in. I'm annoyed. Oh, and I need a fan for my LR too. But, I replaced all of my doorknobs, so my bathroom looks good. I'm just ticked that when I was trying to get that kick-ass martini glass Gonadz got me for my b-day to stop leaning in its base, I broke it. I am REALLY not happy about that. At all. Now I have nothing to go on my countertop anymore... maybe some flowers or something. Which brings another thing to mind - anyone got any ideas of a plant I can't kill for my plant stand? Anyone?


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