Saturday, July 16, 2005

Stupid American Express

So, after calling them TWICE to figure out why my payment didn't go through, and after being promised that it did - it didn't. And they waited EXACTLY until the day of my statement closing to have it bounce, so I got charged a higher interest rate and lost my cash back. I called again today, got my rate lowered back to normal and got my cash back... and you know, I have absolutely nothing against Indian people. I think they're swell, honestly. But talking to someone who obviously is not English-profiecient on the phone might be part of the reason that it was such an issue to begin with. It'd be like some Indian person calling me and expecting me to speak flawlessly in their language. Dammit, companies - I know labor is cheaper elsewhere, and you get tax breaks for outsourcing, and that in general it's good for the economy. But seriously.

Update: 7/17: Ok, so now they had my account as being past due, which they fixed... and THEN proceeded to have a mystery charge of probably $300 on it. I'm going to wait until Monday or Tuesday, but it better fall off before I have a poop-fit and call them. There is a reason I only use my Blue, and that's b/c AmEx is usually better than everyone else. Let's keep that trend going guys, ok? Huh? Can we? Thanks.

Update 2: 7/17: They put a hold on it AGAIN because the payment I made with the CORRECT BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER DIDN'T GO THROUGH. So, now I get to call them tomorrow and a) get my interest rate to where it's supposed to be b) get re-enrolled in on-line banking b/c they've barred me from it for a year and c) get the hold off. The fault isn't with Wachovia, where they tried to put it... no no no... someone at AmEx is just on crack. If this affects me getting my gold card, I will be pissed. Highly.

Yet another update: 7/18: They're officially the most challenged credit card company on the face of the earth. I have called 6 times. SIX. Finally they un-held my account and confirmed everything went through ok... and everything was their fault. What happens? To get me back enrolled in on-line billpay, they want a letter from Wachovia stating that I had sufficient funds and that it was a bank error. Problem? Wachovia has no record of the charges, so they can't write the letter. But, after a half-hour on the phone (and $12 of overage charges) they said that they will file a case for me and I should be able to use online billpay in a MONTH. Um, no - I'll be using Wachovia's. Thanks.


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