Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good analysis from Lifelike Pundits

To prove what a pompous windbag Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark is, they compare his opinions on the war in Iraq to my personal favorite failure in foreign policy, the war in Bosnia. Yes, since he did such an excellent job over there - because that conflict is *so* 1999 - he is now qualified to give his expert opinion on the war in Iraq. I'm not all gung ho about the war, but I hate hypocrites, so I shall post this link. We can partially thank Clinton for intelligence failures that led to 9/11, and we can thank him for the clusterfuck that was Bosnia. GOD, what is wrong with Dems and foreign policy? Oh, wait - probably the same thing that's up with Republicans and domestic policy. This is going to sound odd to some of you, but can we bring Nixon back from the dead? Or, at the very least, give Kissinger some sort of cabinet post? Please? That administration was probably the last purely Republican one that this nation's had.


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