Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I'm so disillusioned and it's only the 2nd week of school. I'm doing the "pretend I'm a teacher" thing with current events and study skills. I'm already thinking about my masters... and how after I get it I'll be languishing here reading paperbacks and trying to get high schoolers with no work to be quiet, which is a losing battle. This program's a waste of time if the schools send no work, and there's no point in discipline - all they get are more days suspension. Ooohhhh, WHOOP - 2 extra days! The kids could care less. Expulsion would be great, but... they could care less about that too. At least in a regular school they can crack down - and actually be productive. I feel like I'm wasting my intelligence, time, and degree. It's about enough to make me leave the field and find some other job somewhere else. GOD, I can't wait until I can teach college.


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