Monday, August 29, 2005

"Knock another bead over on the abacus!"

To quote Mom... Dad got married. Again. FOR THE 4th TIME!! Hahahaha... *snort* Sorry... regardless of how many daddy-issues I have, I just find this funny. The capper is how I found out. Dad's lawyer is Armenian. Since all Armenians in the metro-St. Louis area know each other, he told my Great Uncle Bob, who told my grandmother, who told my Aunt Sherry, who told me. I can imagine the conversations held: "Hey, you nephew got married in March." "Oh, must inform his mother... she'll be thrilled to know... wait... how do YOU know?" Oh well... at least I'm not the only one Dad's snubbed - he hasn't spoken to anyone for a few years. I just have the longest snub streak out of anyone. I'm NUMBER ONE! Yay. Good to see I'm #1 in Dad's book of children. Oh, hell... I'm the only one. Thank God for small miracles.


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