Monday, August 22, 2005


I thought this was a great article, from a historical standpoint:

Philadelphia 1787 vs. Baghdad 2005

Especially this part:
America's Founding Fathers shared the crucible of having fought in the Revolutionary War for the common cause of independence from England. This bond helped overcome their many differences. Iraq's new leaders did not fight in their war of liberation from Saddam Hussein. It would be as if France had not merely assisted the American colonists but also fought all the battles on the ground, occupied our territory afterward, installed our first leaders, composed the Articles of Confederation, and organized the Constitutional Convention. The atmosphere in Philadelphia, as well as the resulting document and the resulting country, would have been very different.

Brings up many valid points... as in the people making this analogy are just as out of touch with common historical ideas as those who compared our nation's founders with terrorists. Yeah, Thomas Jefferson - I can see him strapping a bomb to his chest and blowing himself into teeny tiny pieces for life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. And in something totally related, apparently that constitution will probably be based upon Islamic law, so we've created yet another theocratic "democracy" in the Mid East who will hate us forever. Way to go. Mission accomplished again?

Oh, and a truly disturbing article from Independent Sources fully showcasing stupidity of police, bystanders, and the slowness of paramedics:

Scenes from a Heart Attack


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