Sunday, August 07, 2005

Politics as usual.

I read the O'Reilly Factor's interview with Ann Coulter this morning. Bill apparently thinks we're losing the war in Iraq due to lack of troops - mostly on the Iraqi side. Ann thinks that we're still winning, and will only lose when we pull out like we did with Vietnam. I'm tired of the Vietnam/Iraq comparisons, and here's why:

  • I disagree with the concept behind the Vietnam War. We did this soley to protect French colonial interests under the guise of stopping the spread of communism. In Iraq, I agree with the concept behind the war - Saddam needed to go, his people needed to be spared horrible deaths, etc. That, and despite the fact that we didn't find concrete huge WMDs, he had the ability to make them, which means he has in the past (ask the Kurds). He indirectly (and probably directly) supported Al-Quieda, and his manufactured WMDs could have made their way to them. Any WMDs we can keep from these people is a plus.

  • We won just about every engagement in Vietnam - the reason we lost the war was becaues of media types screaming that we were losing, which underminded public support. By the time Nixon pulled us out, no one supported the war, no one supported the troops, all thanks to the MSM. This time around, yes the media isn't helping one tad. But the administration's blinders to the fact that more people are dying now than in the same time span a year ago hurts just as much. They're in denial - we cannot score a concrete victory over Iraqi terrorists who keep killing innocent people and our troops. The Iraqi troops need to step up and deal with this, and our troops need to come home. If not, then our guys are just going to stay over there forever and continue to get killed. There is no way that we can say "mission accomplished" and have it be 100% true. Ever. Sorry... we need to make sure that the government is stable over there, and then leave - offer our help when needed, but we need to come home. Yes, a majority of Iraqis are thankful for what we've done... and that same majority want us to come home. Remember, "Fish and visitors smell after 2 days."
I can't agree with people anymore who say that us pulling out shows the terrorists that they win. They're so damned dillusional that they're going to think that they win regardless. Whatever. That region will NEVER be a democratic, stable region. Ever. It'd be cool if we'd stop forcing our government on people who obviously do not want it, and will never be in a position to accept it. Let them govern themselves the way that they see fit.


Gonadz said...

The only mission we can say accomplished is we took out Saddam. At least that much. But I agree... Iraqi troops need to step up. We should have been recruiting and training them for 3 years now. We put too much of the burden on ourselves and our allies.

And pulling out doesn't prove the terrorists win, because they'll never be able to hold their government themselves. Terrorists fight each other for the power once left to it. It'd be anarchy... and I say, if the Iraqi's are so determined to rule themselves, let them deal with it now. If the majority is determined to be democratic, they will be. The masses can't be held hostage again by a small political group. They wouldn't stand for it.

Laura said...

Damn straight... the Iraqi people are going to rule their nation the way that they want to... you know, I wouldn't be horribly surprised if another theocracy sprung up out of this. Wow... a theocracy in the Mid-east. Shocking!

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