Monday, August 01, 2005

Salve, what be up, hodie?

Figures this happened in Atlanta - "Boo Got Shot" originally aired on 750AM. Royal might need to go to California to help them out teaching their new Ebonics courses. Which, BTW, is now a foreign language. God, I wish that was offered when I was in high school... I have a feeling it'd apply more to my daily life than Latin does.

You know, though, I honestly don't have a problem with Ebonics if you call it what it really is - jive. You know, SLANG. Slang like Southern English is. It's a freaking dialect. Speak it all that you want - I think people with a twang sound just as uneducated as people who can't make proper usage of adverbs and pronouns. I'm an equal-opportunity perfectionist. Yes, everyone uses slang words - I do too (but since I'm from St. Louis, my Midwestern slang is basically me saying "warsh" instead of wash, "farm" instead of form, and using quaint little phrases like "icebox" and "soda pop"). Honestly, in my classroom, I don't mind if my kids use it either - as long as they use it in conjnunction with proper grammar. You can use slang and still be educated - Shakespeare did it. Of course, he invented words too, so he obviously could do whatever he wanted.


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