Sunday, September 04, 2005 - Qatar offers $100m to relief fund - Sep 3, 2005

Wow... outpouring from other nations. And lots. And the US government isn't sure if they need to take them up on it. For GOD'S SAKE. We need all of the help that we need!! Take them up on it. Please. Save people's lives down there and swallow pride. Oh, and in my personal favorite celebrity moment thus far: Celine Dion. I give her credit for giving the million dollars, and I really understand where her anger's coming from. Does not diminish how much she annoys me, but I give her props.

Oh, and to prove why so many of my students have contempt for police... check THIS out. These people are ignorant wastes of badges.

Finally, from the Times-Pic, a scathing letter to the President.


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