Monday, September 05, 2005

My main concern.

For future reference,this is always good to know. No, seriously... they got the levee patched. There goes a good chunk of problems right there. Sandbagging really does work. From someone who is a St. Louisan (flood of '93), I know firsthand the miracle of those little things. And the curious habit of human beings who build in a flood zone and who are shocked when disaster happens. Humans are arrogant things, aren't we?

Oh, speaking of arrogance, my favorite image... amazing how disaster brings out the stupidity in celebrities (see Celine and Kanye below):

Ok, maybe his heart is in the right place, what with going to Iraq, and then Iran, and now New Orleans - three areas where danger abounds to someone who steps in the wrong place. No one knows if this is for show or not... I'm hoping that he's doing it out of the kindness of his heart... though I'd be more prone to believe it if he wouldn't take his personal photographer along. Follow Al Gore. Seriously. I just typed that.


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