Tuesday, September 06, 2005

When the Saints... Go marching... ummm...

Apparently according to Gov. Blanco, the Superdome has suffered such extensvive storm related damage (aside from the expected caused by the refugees) that it could very well have to be torn down. Where will the Saints play? Will they play on a field not built on a cemetry... and therefore not cursed? Nagin is now forcing people to leave the city against their will and for their own safety. The longer this goes on, the more amazed I am... I wish I were more than a teacher, so I could really, truly help them - medically or financially. If anyone comes to my school, I'll welcome them totally... I hate people being brushed over because of whatever reason. I love my kids, and I'll do my best for these poor students, regardless of the cost.

Oh, and speaking of schools... how many national schools need to follow suit over here?

One other thing... if anyone knows of any pets around the Cobb and Cherokee county areas in Georgia that have been misplaced or neglected because of Katrina, please let me know. I'm more than happy to adopt a cat or two, or to help find homes for some dogs.


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