Saturday, October 29, 2005

Darn Canadians.

I hate it when they're better at us in something (except for hockey)... baseball, beer, and now nailing immoral liberal presidents. Odd coming from one of the world's most socialist countries - but I still give them a pass for bringing us SCTV. - Michael Coren - A moral hodgepodge

Oh, and BTW, the KSU hockey team's awesome - totally anhillated UNC Charlotte last night- when Gonadz and I left about 5 minutes into the 3rd, they were up 15-2. Highly suggested people catch a game.

Updated - 11:01 - Just checked the website. KSU won 19-5 (shocked they gave up 5 goals... wow) and they beat Clemson tonight 11-1. Geeze, man. There needs to be a mercy rule or something. Bring it on, Vandy. November 4th, 9:40 - I am so there.


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