Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wait - we have a deficit?

One thing you have to love about this administration is its amazing ability to spend money like water, and then make cuts in possible useful programs to play CYA. Cutting free and reduced lunch programs for kids? Niiiiiiiiiiiiice. Real nice, guys. I know that government chicken's cheap. Give the kids a break. My favorite part of the article is this quote from Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio:

We're spending money we don't have and passing it onto our kids, and at some point, somebody's got to say, `Enough's enough.'"

Yeah, well, you can tell where their priorities are. Maybe they need to take another look at their bankruptcy bill.

House Panel OKs School Lunch Funding Cut - Yahoo! News


John PIttman said...

Jus because some slut got pregneat does not mean it is our job to feed the little bastard child

Laura said...

Aside from your poor spelling, I tend to agree. However, we can't take it out on the children at school - I work at an alternative school, and I bet a majority of our kids are on free or reduced cost lunch programs. Sometimes this is the only way that they can afford to eat 2 decent meals a day. While it isn't the schools' responsibility to make up for parental shortcomings, it's almost hit the point where if we don't, we'll have a generation of degenerates on our hands - which is bad for everyone.

Buckeye Beauford said...

The cuts by the Agriculture Committee do not cut money for school lunches, despite what all of the reports are saying (school lunches are funded through the committee on Education & the Workforce, which Boehner chairs) -- they change the rules governing the food stamps program so that those ineligible to receive TANF are now ineligible for food stamps. That may effect some kids in states that tie free or reduced lunch programs of their own to welfare; but overall, the cuts make sense to me.

Laura said...

Tyler, well, when you put it thusly, that does make sense. It would be nice if the reports would state things clearly. The odd thing is, is that I got the news report from Drudge, who usually stays away from the AP tripe.

Anonymous said...

Oh John, I pray for you.

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