Sunday, October 23, 2005

You can't make a silp purse out of a sow's ear..

And you can't make professionals out of a bunch of uneducated thugs. And yes, basketball players are professionals - hense the term "professional basketball player." Ever notice how none of the other pro sports have this issue much? Baseball, nope. Football, not really aside from Dion Sanders' pimp suits on FoxSports. Hockey? Nah, unless someone forgets to put their teeth in. But basketball? Oh, goodness yes. They've absorbed so much of the hip-hop "culture" that they're becoming a parody of it. And THIS is what my students want to be? Yes, because I want to be someone who is looked down upon and mocked by society in general. But I guess as long as you have the money...

Opinions on the NBA's Dress Code Are Far From Uniform

But... I dig this quote from Spike Lee - for once, he's right:

But "I think David Stern was right on this issue," Lee said in a telephone interview. "What are all those kids wearing the night they're drafted and they shake David Stern's hand? Suits. In corporate America, you have dress codes. Let's be honest: Image is everything. And they're trying to change the image of the league. Between the fight in Detroit last year and other perceptions, they've realized they have a public relations issue. They've set out to change it."


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