Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And they're not even science teachers.

From of all places... news is out that the Kansas school board actually voted to approve challenges to evolution in the science classroom. Not that challenges are bad, but these challenges are UNSCIENTIFIC, like ID. I believe that God is responsible for evolution, and there - I don't question it. Looks like it's time I get that FSM fish for my car. Only science has a place in a science class. People amaze me... I hope that school board gets voted out of office. Extremism in right and left views in this nation have effectively polarized the majority of people. Good job.

Thank God voters in PA kicked out a school-board that supported ID. And this was a district that voted 65% for Bush in 2004. SEE? Not all Republicans are dumb. There are about 4 of us left with functioning brains.


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