Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy beginning of crass commericalism!

Actualy, happy Thanksgiving. I just came back from the store (bought Lucy some LOUD balls - kind with the bell), and it's deserted outside. Kroger was surreal. Ahh, yeah, the calm before the storm. Tomorrow will be insane, and I figure that I'd enjoy the lull while it lasted. Day after T-Day is one of those rituals I refuse to get into. I prefer the quiet melancholy of Kroger at 9:00 at night on a holiday. I am now officially even more of a recluse than usual - no way will I leave the apartment unless it's necessary - damned holiday traffic. I have officially begun the holiday season in my own way - with a Sam Adams, and my favorite Xmas movie ever, Love, Actually. Might be a non-decorative Xmas this year... Lucy will eat any tree I put up. Time to hang stuff from the ol' wine rack.


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