Friday, November 18, 2005

Should we stay or should we go...

Ok, I'm all about reasonable withdraw schedule and planning... but not an emergency withdraw resolution in the House now specifically designed to make Democrats look like traitors and Republicans look like ogres. GOD. What is so wrong with a reasonable withdrawl timetable?? WHAT? Oh, wait - GOP voted to kill that too. At least they said that 2006 should be a withdrawl focused year, blah blah... amazing. I agree with John Kerry on fellow Dem (and 'Nam vet) Jack Mertha:

"I won't stand for the swift-boating of Jack Murtha."

Don't jump on him just because he's a Dem... he (along with John McCain) was a Vietnam Vet - a group I have the utmost respect for. When it comes to quagmires and not knowing how to withdraw, Vietnam has all of the others beat hands down.


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