Monday, November 14, 2005

Would have posted this this weekend...

...but she's figured out how to turn off my computer and type on the keyboard, so it had to wait until work today. I adopted a tortise-shell kitten from the CC Animal Shelter named Lucy... like "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds." I basically did that so I could call her LSD for short. She's SO cute, and for some odd reason likes me. I think it's because I'm fluffy and she can balance herself on my boobs and stay asleep while I'm on the computer, reading, and the like. Oh, and I feed her and bring her toys. She's taken to climbing up my back if she's on the countertop behind me, sleeps on me while I read, and in general is already spoiled. I think she's around 9 weeks old. Folks at work are slightly concerned and say that I need a child, but naaahhh - Lucy's smarter. She's already potty-trained.


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