Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yes, the timestamp is right.

Yes, it DOES say 2:13 in the morning. For some weird reason, I'm wired. KSU won the hockey game tonight 13-0 (wow... good to see that Vanderbilt's hockey sucks as much as all the rest of their sports), but that isn't the exciting part. First off, Gonadz and I ticked off these rude people who were sitting in the snack bar area - we were standing in front of them, and the guy came and banged on the glass to get us to move. We scooted over, but the guy and his family kept finding 18 year old kids to send out to get the other people who stood there to move, and then some scary redneck lady. The lady made the mistake of offering 2 options - moving or finding a manager. I told her to get a manager. Seriously, students take precidence over random people who are 50 anyways, and people by the ice take priority over people at the snack bar. Eventually they got fed up and left. Poor guy.

For some reason, the GA Tech pep band showed up and was making obnoxious cheers. They can't touch us, though - we flung it back at them worse than their slurred insults, and then us winning the game shut them up. I guess they were checking out the competition.

To top things off, I get pulled over on my way home - my sense of humor (I asked the KSU cop who stopped us which insurance card he wanted since I had 15 of them in my glove box) got me out of a ticket - a baaaaaaaaaaad one, because I was doing 15 above in a work zone. You know, that part on Chastain where the work is DONE? They should take the signs down. Anyways, God and the cute cop were smiling on me (or else it was the 1st of the month... no quota) and I managed to get off without a ticket. WHEW. For once, good luck. Now, I'm going to attempt to sleep... I have to go to the Atlanta History Center tomorrow and then run a few errands. Peh... must get done in reasonable amount of time... Mom wants to go to Harry's, and I want to buy random crap. Mmm... salmon burgers... I might buy one for dinner.


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