Sunday, December 04, 2005

I have a SERIOUS problem with this.

Ok, I know it's meant to be a commentary on the uselessness of the Iraq war and the fact that BOTH political parties have no effective strategy for dealing with it, but for Showtime to greenlight a short movie about soldiers that have been killed who come back to life, going from polling station to polling station trying to find someone to elect to end the war, well... it's bad taste. Seriously. I would be offended if I had lost someone in the war and then flipped on Showtime and saw this. Though I have to admit that Cindy Sheehan won't - there's a stand-in for her in the movie complete with zombie son. I bet those publicity wheels are turnin... "Wow... you know, if I could bring Casey back from the dead, he'd make a really good prop..." All in all - good point, BAD taste. It could have been executed some other way.


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