Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Because GOD KNOWS that the Philipinos are out to get us.

Actually, all things considered, they probably are. But this mangling of the 4th Amendment (again) is hilarious - if it weren't a mangling of the 4th Amendment. Apparently a prof. emeritus of history at the UofK, Lawrence got a letter in the mail from a professor in the Philipines, who is a friend of his. The bottom of the envelope was covered in green security tape (courtsey of the Dept. of Homeland Security) and a message saying it'd been opened by "Border Protection." Oh, good to see that the border folks are really clamping down on letters sent from geriatric Philipino Catholic professors, because that's where the real threat to national security lies. Not in the millions of people hopping the border annually - including terrorists. Nooooo...

Hat Tip: Hammer of Truth | Libertarian Community Weblog


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